My books have arrived!

If you live in Portland and want a copy of my new novel, I can deliver it next week. They are $12 or $15 if I mail to you. (Amazon with free shipping is cheaper if you are a Prime member.) Another option is to support the Women’s Club and buy one at the St. Pius X Bazaar November 3-5.

What does it mean to be spiritual? Can we love God, but just tolerate our neighbor? My germaphobe hero struggles with these questions, but doesn’t expect a street girl to be the one who can help him answer them.

Their Only Hope













My new novel is available!

Virginia Shea, a sweet girl with an open heart, was forced into prostitution two years ago, at only 16. Raised a Christian by her grandmother, she has lost hope for her own rescue, but now she suspects she is pregnant. Maybe God will intervene for her baby’s sake, though he doesn’t seem to have heard her prayers up to now.

Joseph O’Keefe, an introverted germaphobe, will soon graduate and be ordained a deacon. He’s all about chastity and prayer and can’t believe God is telling him to go to a woman of the street who is crying nearby.

And then there’s Ryan, a nine-year-old who has just been coaxed into the car of a stranger…

Find it on Amazon in paperback or Kindle:

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